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Artwork Information

To speed the processing of your artwork include:

  1. When supplied artwork does not meet factory's requirements or clean-up, revisions and changes to artwork are requested, an art charge of $45 (G) will apply. Add one additional day of production time.
  2. Artwork must be one color high contrast with no gradients, halftones, screens, or shadows or bold typestyles.  All strokes and outlines should be 1 point or greater.  Type, characters or lines that are within 1/16'' on finished art will fill in.  Very fine and intricate details cannot be clearly reproduced.
  3. Artwork should be submitted in CMYK format. PMS matching available on items so noted.
  4. Artwork should be submitted as EPS or PDF at 300 dpi or better.
  5. Hard Copy for Verification: No matter what the format or transfer method, artwork should always be submitted with either a hard copy for verification or the electronic equivalent. Properly prepared PDF files or JPG files are often suitable as verification.
  6. Size of Artwork: Indicate if supplied artwork is 'to size'. If not to size, indicate at what percentage it should be used or what the finished size should be (e.g.. make 1 1/4'' wide). Factory will enlarge or reduce artwork at no charge. When maximum imprint area is requested, or when percentage is not specified, factory will use its best judgment to achieve an attractive imprint and may reduce or enlarge artwork.
  7. Layout: If layout is not supplied, factory will use its best judgment.
  8. Personalization: Not available.
  9. Preferred programs: Adobe Illustrator.
    Acceptable Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw.
  10. Preferred Formats:
    • Vector Artwork Files (EPS): Must be saved in the Postscript Format and contain no Postscript errors. All design elements in the file should be 1 point or greater. Failure to do so may compromise the final imprint quality. If the vector file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet the minimum requirement for resolution when rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be submitted with the original vector file.
    • Acrobat Files (PDF): PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the program that was used to create them (e.g. Illustrator or Freehand). PDF files that contain raster elements must meet the minimum requirements for raster art files as outlined below. PDF files that contain vector elements must meet the minimum requirements for vector art files as indicated above. PDF files created from page layout documents should be submitted together with the source documents, fonts and all supporting files.
    Acceptable Formats:
    • Raster Artwork Files (TIFF or JPEG): All raster elements and art files must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size. All Raster images must meet or exceed 300 dpi (minimum resolution) and must be submitted in the proper color space (CMYK).
  11. Font Information: The smallest font size that can be clearly reproduced is 8 pt. in sans serif or 12 pt. in serif fonts. Script fonts must be at least 12 pt.  Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (text that becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text.) If this is not possible, send in PC compatible screen and printer fonts used only for the job submitted. . There are a few simple steps that you can take to convert fonts to outlines: In Adobe Illustrator, select the text that needs to be converted, click on Type (in the top toolbar), and then click on Create Outlines. In Adobe Photoshop, select the text that needs to be converted, click on Layer (in the top toolbar), select Type, and then select Convert to Shape.  Be sure you've chosen one of our stock fonts (Typestyles). If you desire a font other than one of our standard fonts submit it as vector art.
  12. Repeat (foil-stamped ribbon only): Imprint repeats approximately every 3-5 inches. There is approximately 2-2 1/2 inches in between each imprint.

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  1. Art Proofs: Proofs are sent only when requested on the purchase order.  Proofs will be sent within 48 hours upon receipt of the complete order and usable artwork.  Order will remain on HOLD until receipt of the complete order including proof approval.
  2. Virtual Proofs: Virtual proofs are sent only when requested on the purchase order. Virtual proofs will be sent within 48 hours upon receipt of the complete order and usable artwork.  Order will remain on HOLD until receipt of the complete order including virtual proof approval.
  3. Pre-Production Proofs: Pre-production proofs are sent only when requested on the purchase order.  Order will remain on HOLD until receipt of the complete order including pre-production proof approval.  Pre-production proofs will be billed at purchased quantity price.
  4. Greeting Card Proofs: Greeting card proofs are sent on all layouts that are deemed questionable and the order will be placed on HOLD until the greeting card proof is approved.

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Stock Greeting Cards

Maple Ridge Farms Stock Gift Cards:
For extra convenience, we are happy to provide a variety of enclosure cards for your gifts. Your message (and logo, if you wish) is printed on the inside of the cards. Please limit your count for messages to 30 words without a logo or 15 words with a logo.

  1. Choose the design that you desire and specify on purchase order. Item# is listed under each card. See below.
  2. If no card design is designated on order, blank cards will be used with your message printed inside.
  3. Cards are printed with black ink and the font is Times New Roman Italic.
  4. Same message on all cards: $4.00 (G) per card.
  5. If any card does not contain the identical message, the charge is $8.00 (G) per card for all cards.
  6. Logos on cards: Black & white logos can be included on the gift card at no charge. The logo will be placed toward the bottom of the card beneath your message.
  7. If layout is not specified, factory will use its best judgment.
  8. Proofs are sent on all layouts that are deemed questionable and order will be placed on hold until the proof is approved.

Enclosure of customer supplied gift card:
For your convenience, we can insert your Greeting Cards at no charge if all cards are the same and are provided with the order.

  1. Review bullets below each price grid for maximum card size per item.
  2. No charge if all cards are the same and are provided with order.
  3. If cards must be matched to individual recipients or groups of recipients or if only certain packages get cards, the charge is $2.50 (G) per card.
  4. If cards must be enclosed in provided envelopes, the charge is $0.75 (G) per card.
  5. Factory will use its best efforts to accomodate cards that exceed gift dimensions; folding and bending of cards may be required.
  6. Please include 5 extra cards per order. If enough cards are not provided for your order, Maple Ridge Farms will provide our stock card at $4.00 (G) per card.

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Addresses must contain name, street address, apartment or suite number, city, state, and correct zip code. Please verify all addresses for accuracy.  UPS and Federal Express will not deliver to PO boxes and will not accept addresses with incorrect zip codes. While we are pleased to guarantee our products, we cannot guarantee or credit products lost, spoiled or returned because of inaccurate or incomplete shipping addresses.  UPS and FedEx add a significant delivery area surcharge to more than 20% of our shipments.

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Individual Drop Shipment

For extra convenience, your gifts can be drop shipped individually to each recipient within the United States. These charges are in addition to UPS or FedEx residential charges. The cost for this service is $4.00 (G) per carton plus shipping charges for lists correctly submitted and emailed using Maple Ridge Farms' preformatted spreadsheet.  For faxed lists and lists in other formats, the cost is $6.00 (G) per carton.. When supplied list does not match the quantity on the purchase order, factory will adjust order to match the quantity on the shipping list.

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Correct Format for Electronic Lists

Please read carefully before preparing mailing list.

  1. Download a preformatted spreadsheet.
  2. Only one shipping list accepted per order.
  3. All hidden rows/columns must be removed from the spreadsheet for factory to process. Lists that are not formatted correctly will be returned and considered not complete.
  4. Lists containing more than one recipient per address location will be considered and prepared as Individual Drop Shipments at $4.00 (G) per recipient plus shipping charges.
  5. All addresses must be submitted in a single worksheet, document or file.
  6. We will accept MS Excel or MS Word in PC format.
  7. Excel files must use the exact field names shown below. The cells must be formatted as text. MS Word files must have the list in a table with the first row containing the field name for the column from the list below.
  8. Comma and tab delimited files must have a header row with the field names from below.
  9. When supplied list does not match the quantity on the purchase order, factory will adjust order to match the quantity on the shipping list.

    Below is an example of a list in MS Excel format.
    Top row indicates maximum field size.



















John Smith


2nd Floor

123 4th St.






Sales Dept

A+ Sales

1 Easy St


Beverly Hills






XYK Inc.

Our Bldg.

9 Main St






Either Name or Company may be blank, but not both. Address 2 may be blank. If the item is not the same for all addresses, the 'Item' field must include the Maple Ridge Farms item number. If the quantity per address varies, the 'Quantity' field must include the number of units for that address.

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Changes To Orders

Unfortunately, orders shipping within 48 hours cannot be changed. Changes to orders already in production will result in delayed shipment and may incur additional charges. This includes changes to quantity, ship method, ship date, address(es), item or imprint. Please contact factory prior to submitting change.
  1. Changes to orders already in production will result in delayed shipment. The charge for changing an order that is in production is $30 (Z) plus the cost of any work that must be redone. This includes changes in quantity, ship method, ship date, address, item or imprint.
  2. Request of change to an address(es), please reference purchase order number and provide us with the old shipping address(es) and the new shipping address(es). Please do not submit a new list, as this may delay production time further.
  3. Request of change to the ship method or ship date, please reference the distributor purchase order number, along with the requested change.
  4. Changes in quantity:
    1. For additions to order see Additions To Orders.
    2. Reductions to orders already in production must be handled with a gift specialist, please contact factory.
  5. Request of change to imprint(s) must be handled with a gift specialist. Please contact factory.
  6. Request of change to item(s) must be handled with a gift specialist. Please contact factory.

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Additions To Orders

Additions to orders already at factory are handled in the following manner:
  1. A new purchase order is required.
  2. If the addition is less than one-half the catalog minimum, the following Less than Minimum Charge applies:
    • $20 (G) Add-on Charge
  3. Standard Production time will apply.
  4. Pricing from the original order will be honored with the exception of promotional discount offers that have expired.

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To avoid delays and extra charges, please read and follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Acknowledgements: Orders are acknowledged upon receipt.
  2. Combined Quantity Pricing: Not available.
  3. Illustrations: Logos used in the catalog are for illustrative purposes only.  They do not imply endorsement, nor are items with those imprints available to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs.
  4. Less Than Minimum Charges: From November 25 through December 17, less than minimum orders cannot be processed.  Imprinted orders $50.00 (A); Unimprinted orders $20.00 (A). Less than minimum charges will apply for any item for which the minimum quantity is not ordered.
  5. Perishability: Natural cheeses and smoked meats need to be refrigerated within 24 hours of receipt. Chocolates and nuts should be stored in a cool, dry place.  Baked goods should be enjoyed within 2 weeks, or stored in a freezer for up to three months.  Instructions for storage are included with each gift.
  6. Returns: Requests for returns must be made within 5 days of receipt.  Credit will not be issued for returns made without a return authorization number. Restocking charges will apply to all returns. Because of their perishable nature, smoked meats and cheese cannot be returned for credit.
  7. Seasonal Availability: From March 1 to November 1, certain items that can normally be shipped by ground may require special packaging or special shipping. Contact factory for details.
  8. Substitutions: Factory reserves the right to substitute items of greater or equal value if necessary to ensure on-time shipment. When Canadian shipment is requested for items not available for Canadian shipment, factory will substitute item(s) of equal or greater value.

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Production & Shipping Information

  1. Production Time: 5 working days from complete order (with the exception of items being pad printed, which are 7 working days)  for imprinted and unimprinted orders shipping to one location.  Complete order means: purchase order, artwork, proof approvals, enclosure cards, and shipping instructions.  Individual shipments require 10 working days.
  2. Rush Service: Usually available.  Extra charge may apply.  Contact factory prior to placement of order to obtain ship date.
  3. Methods: Standard: Ground. Best: Overnight, 2 Day or 3 Day service available.  Orders that request shipping charges to be prepaid and added to the invoice will have the gross freight charges added. A $4.00 (G) per carton charge will apply to all shipments whether they are shipped 'prepay & add', billed to your account number, or to your customer's account number.
  4. Addresses: Addresses must contain name, street address, apartment or suite number, city, state, and correct zip code.  UPS and Federal Express will not deliver to PO boxes and will not accept addresses without correct zip code.  The cost to find and correct zip codes is $5.00 (G) per package. Factory cannot be responsible for lost or delayed packages because of insufficient address. Credit is not provided for packages that are returned because of inadequate or inaccurate address. 
  5. C.O.D. Shipments: Not available.
  6. Export Shipments: Due to custom regulations, foreign shipments are limited to Canada. Meat, Salmon and Cheese cannot be shipped outside the United States.
    Individual drop shipments to Canada can be accommodated via US Mail at $12.50 (G) per recipient, plus postage. Mail shipments to Canada are not traceable.
    Bulk or individual drop shipments to Canada can be accommodated via UPS at $30.00 (G) per address plus shipping charges. A UPS third party number is required. Shipping, brokerage, duties and taxes are billed to the number provided.
  7. Shipping Weights: Approximate shipping weights are shown in catalog.  Dimensional weights used for determining shipment charges are higher for certain gifts.  Refer to price grids for dimensional weights.
  8. Shipping Dates: Desired ship date must be specified.  Allow adequate transit time from Wisconsin factory.  Please indicate 'in hand date'.  Factory cannot be responsible for delivery date, as transit time is not in its control.  If you need assistance in determining ship date, contact factory.  Most carriers do not guarantee transit time during December.
  9. Split Shipments (multiple ship dates): $12.50 (G) per shipment.
  10. Drop Shipment Charge: $4.00 (G) per carton plus shipping charges.
  11. Bills of Lading: For shipments via carriers that require a bill of lading or airbills, factory will prepare bills at $6.25 (G) each.
  12. FOB: Wisconsin Factory

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UPS Ground - Time In Transit Map

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Stock Designs - Firebranding


 Note: Stock Designs have been reduced for illustrative purposes. Limited Editition Design available on wooden boxes and cutting boards only.

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Stock Designs - Foil Stamped Ribbon

ribbon stock design 10

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typestyles 14 pt

Note: Mural Script and Chancery available in upper and lower case only.

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Extra Services

Art charges (Clean-up, Revisions or Changes to artwork) 45.00 (G)
Cancellations (plus cost of work already completed) 125.00 (G)
Corrections to zip code or finding zip code 5.00 (G) each
Changes to Orders 30.00 (Z)
Change of copy 37.50 (G)
Drop Shipment (Bulk) 4.00 (G) per carton
Individual Drop Shipments directly to recipients 4.00 (G) per carton
Enclosure of gift cards (when supplied by customer):
All cards the same No Charge
Cards to be matched to each recipient 2.50 (G) each
Cards to be enclosed in provided envelope 0.75 (G) each
Gift cards (provided by Maple Ridge Farms):
Same message on all cards 4.00 (G) each
Various messages on cards 8.00 (G) each
Foreign shipments. Because of the changes in customs procedures, foreign shipments to destinations other than Canada can no longer be accommodated. The charges below are in addition to carrier's shipping and handling charges and are per recipient:
US Mail 12.50 (G)
UPS 30.00 (G)
Other Carriers 75.00 (G)
Intercept 20.00 (Z) per carton
Less than minimum (not available from Nov. 25 - Dec. 17)
Imprinted 50.00 (A) per item
Unimprinted 20.00 (A) per item
Line Drawing Service 90.00 (G) each
Oversize imprints (Wooden Collector's Boxes Only) 62.50 (G) per order
Preparation of bills of lading or airbills 6.25 (G) each
Rebilling charge 25.00 (Z)
Release charge (per release) 12.50 (G) per release
Second position imprint 4.00 (G) each
Set-up Charges
Set-up Charge 50.00 (C)
Exact Reorder Set-up Charge 20.00 (C)
Signature Required Service 10.00 (G) per carton
Spec samples EQP + 20.00 (Z)
Special imprint location 62.50 (G)
Split shipments (multiple ship dates) 12.50 (G) per shipment

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